A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Vaarta is an app for downloading and listening to audio shows in your preferred regional language. Vaarta currently offers shows in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayam, Kannada, Gujarati, and English.

Listen to thousands of great podcasts across many different genres. In today's busy world of podcasting, it is hard to find great audio shows. We know how important your time is so we have gone and scoured the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, and selected the ones we think "you might really care about."

Podcasting is a method to distribute an online audio file that can be played on-demand via a website media player or downloaded via apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone and listen on your schedule.

The advantage of podcasting is that you can listen anytime online on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. The content available is wide-ranging and can be even more compelling than other media types. You have the option to following or just click play. Podcasting allows you to listen to great content, any time and any place. Plus, future episodes of any podcast show you follow will be automatically downloaded directly to your Vaarta app on your iOS and Android device if you choose to.

Premium members have access to thousands of new and archived episodes, on-demand and with limited commercials. Plus exclusive content, giveaways and members-only community events and more! Click here to learn more about becoming a premium member.

You can just visit our website at Vaarta.com to listen or get our iOS and Android apps for your smartphone. The apps are absolutely free and offer you the ability to download the audio files for offline listening.

You will first need to download and install the podcast subscription software on your computer. We recommend iTunes. After the installation is complete, copy and paste the URL for the podcast you want to subscribe to into the software.

"Likes" is a unique feature where you can create a personalized blend of your favorite shows, episodes, and creators in one personalized place in our apps and website. You will then have quick access to the podcast shows you love on our website and apps.

There is a Follow or "thumbs up" icon next to the item you'd like to follow. Clicking that will automatically add that podcast to your list of favorites.

There is a Follow or "thumbs up" icon next to the item you'd like to follow. Clicking that will automatically add that podcast to your list of favorites.

There is a yellow star icon in front of each podcast name. if you have added a podcast to your favorites a link, it will appear in front of the podcast title allowing you to click it and remove it from the list of your favorites.

You have the option to complete a full profile about yourself and join our community. Doing so will allow us to better recommend new programing as it becomes available.

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there and not all of them are available here. Vaarta.com is a curated service. We regularly add new programming that we think you may love. If you have a particular podcast that we should be aware of please let us know.

Yes, we now have iOS and Android Apps in the Apple Apps Store and Google Play store. Visit our homepage to see the links to get our new Apps.

Please feel free to email our Customer Service in our feedback tab on our website or just tweet to us on Twitter:http://twitter.com/VaartaApp at @VaartaApp.