Vites - The 59-sec podcast!🎙️

Vites are 59-second audio clips that you can record and publish on Vaarta!
It's a new way for you to share your opinion, ask questions or discuss any topic. 1-min stories, stand-up comedy, poetry (shaayari), reviews and much more.


What is Vites?

Vites are 59-second Podcasts where you in-vite the world to hear your thoughts and you can literally vite about anything! 1-min stories, stand-up comedy, poetry (shaayari), reviews and much more.

You can also express and Vite about your moment on Vaarta! Just like a Story on social media, Vaarta consists of a 59-seconds Podcast feature, called "Vites".

How to create vites?

Here are few simple steps.

Vites Step1

Step 1: Download Vaarta App from Playstore.

Vites Step2

Step 2: Sign up through Google or FB and login or create an account and login.

Vites Step3

Step 3: Click on the ‘Record your post’ button in the 'For You' tab.

Vites Step4

Step 4: Recording Vites.

Vites Step5

Step 5: Enter the vites details.

Vites Step6

Step 6: Publish & Share with your friends! 👏😁

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Coming soon!

We will be launching the Vaarta Studio app for iOS and Android soon. The studio app will allow you to record, edit and mix your audio and publish it to the Vaarta.

Happy podcasting!! 👍 ❤️

Team Vaarta